Recipes for a happy life

Recipes for a happy life 😊 😊 😊
Hi folks,
life can be quite difficult sometimes. We all have these lemon days. ☹ Everything seems to be just annoying, our friends don´t answer the phone… . BUT: Don´t let your problems rule your life – it is YOUR LIFE, so just try and be HAPPY!!
It´s not that difficult. Here are some “recipes” for a good, happy life compiled by students of form 10a. Read them and be happy!!

Here´s the first one:
The recipe for a good life lies in the country where food and water supplies play a major role. We need a house or a flat and a place to sleep. Family and friends are also important to lead a happy life. Money alone is not enough. Parents contribute a lot to our lives, and if you make a lot of efforts at school, you will profit from that later as the hard work pays off.
You need people around you to love and appreciate you. Love can give us a lot in life. It´s therefore important to see the good things in life and to motivate yourself and to achieve things. Life will put many obstacles in your way, but the most important thing is never to give up and to appreciate the little things we have. You can set yourself aims so that you always look in front of you.
Emely Susdorf

And a second one:
The recipe for a good life depends on where and how you live. Money is not everything, for your family should always come first.
It is also important for a good life that you go to school so that later in life, you can work earn your own money.
You need friends around you who take care of you.
Never give up.
Ricardo Mendes Ferreira

And yet another good recipe:
For a good life, you definitely need a good supportive social environment. That includes family and friends who support you in any situation and whatever you want to do. But it doesn´t depend on what your surroundings are like, it´s also very important that you have aims and that you´re focussed on these. You have to be hard-working if you want to reach your goals.
Another point is that you are happy in your life, because you draw all your energy from that for your work. You habe to love yourself and to be happy on your own, and then you can love other people, too. Of course, sometimes things happen that throw you completely off your mind and take your energy away from your goal, but especially then, in those moments, you have to fight even more and harder. Never give the ideals and things you´re working hard for.
Michelle Rephun